With the world population heading beyond nine billion by 2050, Globally, two billion more people will need secure sources of food. Global food security is a major issue and became food sovereignty issue priority with the recent pandemic.

Consumers are more and more conscious about healthy diets through quality fruits and vegetables sourced sustainably and it became a priority on the agenda of developed countries and the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Modern agriculture within the green economy being one of the fastest growing food-producing sector plays an important role in securing food supplies for a global population.

Recent developments and challenges such as the current pandemic, food shortage, and supply chain disruption highlighted the importance of food security and sovereignty policy.

Ocean Sovereign through a strategic alliance with a Euro-African group have secured large farmland within strategic countries ideally situated next to the European and North-American markets allowing for a lower carbon footprint in the supply chain.

All conditions are in place:

  • Over 5 000 acres of farm land (open field and greenhouses)

  • 125 000 Tons packing facility

  • 4 000 tons cold storage facility

  • 54 000 square feet logistic / sales platform in Europe

  • Plenty of Human Resources avoiding labour shortage
  • Sustainability trough AI, new irrigation technologies, renewable energy and low carbon footprint supply chain

  • Full UK, USA and European certifications

  • Free trade agreements allowing no import tariffs to the EU, UK and the USA
  • Direct short sea Shipping lines