Our Team

Zeyd Fassi Fehri

Ocean Sovereign Managing Director

Zeyd started his career and completed his education at HEC Montreal. After successful first experiences in business development with major private equity, wealth management and insurance groups in Canada such as Investors Group, American Income Life and Industrial Alliance, Zeyd moved to Morocco to lead the Gras Savoye business development as a Director developing successfully customer portfolio for Gras Savoye.

From 2007 to 2011, Zeyd became the Director of the Trading Room for Safa Bourse Morocco CDG group, with 10 Billion Euros under management, actively participating In Successful private and institutional IPO’s, mergers and acquisitions in Morocco and Africa.

Passionated about science and technology, he joined The Moroccan foundation for science, innovation and research in 2011 as financial director and during 4 years he have been in charge of financing biotechnology and nanotechnology research and development programs.

Today he is a founder and executive director of several financial, shipping and construction companies in the U.K and Africa.

Cristino Stange S.

Ocean Sovereign Member of the Board
Oatech Chairman Co-Founder

Pioneer of salmon farming in Chile, started commercial activity in 1978 with Coho Salmon farming for the Japanese company Nichiro.

He develops and participates in the positioning and growth of the salmon aquaculture in Chile, highlighting milestones such as the first trout breeding in March 1986, the first export of live eggs from Chile to Japan in 1992 and several developments in breeding, reproductive management, genetics, biotechnology and Infrastructure. Participates as a shareholder and director in companies related to aquaculture, development and research.

Héctor Ruiz F.

Ocean Sovereign Member of the Board
Oatech Chairman Co-Founder

Captain (R) of the Chilean Navy. Weapons Engineer, staff specialist, master’s degree in Naval and Maritime Sciences, Graduated in High Command Course from the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies.

In the exercise of his Naval Career, he was Commander of the Combat Vessel and Missile Fleet, in the Austral area of Chile. He commanded Squadrons and Naval Aviation Groups and was Chief of Staff of Naval Aviation and also in the Third Naval Zone, which includes, part of Patagonia, Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego, Beagle Channel, Cape Horn and Chilean Antarctica.

Advisor in international maritime legislation, use of coastal waters, territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and Off-shore seas. Specialist in Geopolitics, Strategy, International Maritime Law and Economic Administration.

Rodrigo Sanchez R.

Ocean Sovereign Member of the Board
Oatech Executive Director Co-Founder

Mechanical Engineer, Master in Business Administration, post graduate and specialist in Project Management, Innovation Program (MIT, USA). Winner of the National Innovation Award, Avonni (2011, Chile) and the Iberoamerican Innovation Award, RedEmprendia (2012, Spain).

Expert and developer of copper alloy mesh technology and submersible cage for Global aquaculture. Inventor of 7 patents related to copper meshes, cages and ship for aquaculture. Since 2001 he has worked in the Chilean salmon industry, first as Marketing and Development Manager for Salmones AquaChile S.A. and AquaChile Inc. (USA); former CEO and partner of EcoSea Farming S.A., co-founder and executive director of Copepernet Chile, Coppernet México and Ocean Ark Tech S.p.A .; Director and developer of the Salmon Productive Efficiency Center (2014-2016).